Displate, a leading online marketplace for unique metal posters, approached our influencer marketing agency with the goal of expanding their brand presence, reaching a wider audience, and driving conversions. They aimed to leverage the power of social media influencers to promote their products authentically and drive traffic to their website.


Our agency conducted extensive research to identify suitable social media influencers whose content and audience aligned with Displate.com’s target market. We collaborated closely with the influencers to develop engaging content and integrated promotions that highlighted the unique features and benefits of Displate’s metal posters.


Working in close partnership with Displate and the selected influencers, we ensured seamless integration of the brand’s messaging within the influencers’ social media posts. By carefully crafting compelling content that showcased the creativity, quality, and variety of Displate’s products, we aimed to capture the attention and interest of the influencers’ followers.

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