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More stories, less ad-reads.

Influencer Marketing Agency


softstory is brand-first agency. We serve as an extension of your marketing team to deliver impactful results with global content creators. We spend your budget strategically and hit KPIs with engaging ad formats.

Plan & Strategy

Together with you, we plan your campaign by defining the ideal audience and setting your KPIs. We use gold standard metrics to forecast campaign outcomes: Clicks, Conversion & CPI. 

Media plan is created. 

Creators are selected based on demographics, niche, engagement & creativity. 

Click & Go.

Once budget is approved, you can relax and we go into execution.


Creators chosen in the media plan will be briefed & scheduled according to your requirements.

The creator will think of engaging ways to integrate your Brand into the video's content creatively. We refuse to make another boring ad-read; we aim to tell your brand's story.

Once the creative process is finalized, a draft video for your approval will be recorded. 

Approve & Go  Video is published!

Edits  - Creator will edit the Content until it meets your expectations.


You have now published your campaign.

It's time to analyze!

Based on the campaign's results, we identify opportunities to scale.

  • High-Performing Creators

  • High-Performing Niches

  • High-Performing Ad Delivery

Trusted by Great Brands

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Meet the softies

Here at softstory media, it is our relentless pursuit to lead a shift in the creator economy. We stand for brand-first, results-first and creativity-first.

Let's chat about your project!

Schedule a meeting with one of our representatives.

We'll be in touch!

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